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We at C&G Homes of Chiefland strive to meet your every demand.  If you want it in your house, chances are, we can get it there.  Any of our models can have any of our upgrades.  Want a fireplace?  We can do that!  Want a hidden pantry?  We can do that too!  Want a pet elephant?  We will build a bedroom big enough for it!  Take a look at our inventory and let your imagination run wild!!!

Deer Valley WL8410

Bed/Bath: 4/3

Destiny E663

Bed/Bath: 3/2
Area: 1,839 sq. ft.


Bed/Bath: 3/2
Area: 1,387 sq. ft.

Destiny D683

Bed/Bath: 3/2
Area: 1,728 sq. ft.


Bed/Bath: 3/2
Area: 1,173 sq. ft.

Destiny D804

Bed/Bath: 4/3
Area: 2,052 sq. ft.

Destiny D604

Bed/Bath: 4/2
Area: 1,493 sq. ft.

Home Run

Bed/Bath: 2/2
Area: 728 sq. ft.

Destiny D583

Bed/Bath: 3/2
Area: 1,386 sq. ft.

Deer Valley WL8034

Bed/Bath: 4/3
Area: 2,280 sq. ft.

Deer Valley WL7012B

Bed/Bath: 3/2
Area: 1,980 sq. ft.

Destiny E643

Bed/Bath: 3/2
Area: 1600 sq. ft.