About Us


With over 30 years of experience in the housing business, C&G Mobile Homes is the premiere retailer of quality manufactured homes and modular homes in northern Florida. Our one-stop shop focuses on customer service, quality construction and client satisfaction. Let us help you choose a home that fits your unique wants and needs, offer assistance with financing and ensure you make the most of your housing dollar.

What we Offer


Because of innovations in the factory construction process, a manufactured home or modular home from C&G Mobile Homes saves you money. The workers building your new home are on the job, rain or shine, putting you in your new home faster, and for far less money.


Almost any custom amenities available in stick-built homes are available in the modern manufactured home or modular home available at C&G Mobile Homes. Custom kitchens, fireplaces and upgraded bathrooms are available on many of our models.


The manufactured homes and modular homes sold at C&G Mobile are built with the same materials used in so-called “stick-built” homes. However, each C&G home is built in a controlled, factory environment with no concerns about weather slowing down the process or exposing your new home to weather damage.

Meet our Team

Jamie Howell

Chief Shramp Procurement Officer